It is possible to embed a pdf so that the pdf is actually a viewable graphical object versus just a link.  Unfortunately this method requires that the PHP Input Format is used, which means:

  • Authors will not be able to edit this content - either an Manager or Architect must
  • The rich text editor will not be available for use on future edits so whomever edits this content would have to understand HTML, at a minimum.

To embed a file, it must first be available within the file browser.  Please refer to the FAQ How Do I Upload Files Into Drupal, provided below, for instructions on how the different ways to upload a file into your file browser.

    1. Go to the node you wish to embed the PDF into, or go to Admin menu > Content > Add Content > content type of your choice to create a new node of your choice.
    2. In the bottom-lefthand side of the text body area, set the editor to Full Html, then select Disable rich text in the same area. 
    3. Enter the following code in the text area.
      <iframe src="/files/samplefile.pdf" width="550" height="700"></iframe>
    4. To resize the width of your embedded pdf, change the width property to the desired value.
    5. To resize the height of your embedded pdf, change the height property to the desired value.
    6. Add any additional text before or after the PDF.