Creating an Organic Group is something that must be done by a site's Architect.  There are at least two, and sometimes three, different main components within an OSU Organic Group:

  • Group Dashboard
  • Group Landing Page
  • Parent Landing Page (optional)

Following is a brief overview of these components.

Group Dashboard

The Group Dashboard serves as a hub for the group.  Here is where a filtered list of group content is made available which a group manager can exercise bulk operations on for rapid content management.  Additionally, you'll find other group related blocks, such as the Misison Statement block, the Contact Info block, and the Make a Gift block. These are all items that are associated directly with the group and managed via the group as well.  Please note that, depending on the type of site, some features may or may not be available (for example, the Make a Gift block belongs on academic and research sites, not on administrative ones).

group dashboard

The Group Landing Page

The Group Landing Page is what could be considered the front page for your specific group.  This particular page displays group navigation, the Feature Story Rotating Header block, any media feature blocks that may be in use, job posting information if available, news and events blocks, and the contact information block.

child landing page

The Parent Landing Page

The Parent Landing Page is not used with every site.  It's only used when a nested group structure is required  A good example is a large college that might have several different schools, which contain several different departments, such as our College of Liberal Arts.

parent landing page