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Before you begin...

Prior to creating your album, make sure you have your images ready. 

All images must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. The reason for this is because the tiles that display your individual images in the grid are 180 x 180 pixels. If we allowed images that are smaller than this, the upscaling would make for a poor display.

Please note that the default field widget used in the Image Album content type is a Multi-Upload widget. The example shown below uses the Media widget, which works with the Media module.

Click on an image to make it bigger.
Image Album - Add Image Album

1. Add Image Album Content Type

Go to Admin > Content > Add content > Image Album

Image Album - Add Title and Description Data

2. Add Title and Description Fields

Title field = enter a title

Album description field = enter some optional descriptive information about your album

Image Album - Add Image - Click the Imagefield Browse Button

3. Upload Images Using Media Widget

Image field = embed your images by doing the following:

Click the Browse button in the Image section of the form. 

Image Album - Select Images from Media Browser Library Tab

4. Select Uplaoded Images

This will open the Media Browser.

After the Media Browser appears, click on it's Library tab.

Click on all of the files that you want to include.

Click the Submit button.

Image Album - Add Image - Image Thumbnails and Operation Buttons

5. Reorder Images

You can reorder your images by grabbing their handles and dragging them to a new position, if desired.

When you're finished embedding images, click the Save button

Image Album - Completed Album

6. Completed Album

Your completed album will now be displayed and will automatically be included in the sitewide gallery.