Before you begin...

You'll need to have an OSU Event Calendar that you want to display in your site.

You won't need a feed URL for the calendar. What you will need is the calendar Short Name, which appears up in the URL.

The Short Name, in this sample, is drupal-training (use all lowercase letters).


Create an OSU Events Calendar Live Feed

From within your Drupal site, go to Admin menu > Content > Add Content > Feed.

Type of Feed field = OSU Events

Note that after you select feed type, all of the following fields will autofill, as shown below.

Block Title field - change this to something more closely related to the feed you've chosen.

URL of Your Feed field - this will be auto-filled with an example URL. Replace the webtrain part of the URL with the Short Name from your calendar (in this example, it's drupal-training).

Number of Items to Display field = 5 is the default - change this number, if desired

Click Save to complete the process.

This will also create a corresponding block. For more information about blocks, please see our Blocks technical articles.