Uploading files into the Media Library is very simple and fast. You can upload a single file, or you can upload multiple files.

As a sidenote, if you're going to be creating media intensive content, you might discover that uploading all of your files into the Media Library first makes for a faster workflow.

Go to the Media Library at Admin menu > Content > Files.

Click the Add File button.

You'll be taken to a simple form. Click the Add files link.

This will open a dialog box with your computer.

Navigate to where your files are on your computer and select all the files you want.

Click the Open button.

Click the Start Upload link.

The upload will move very quickly.

As the files upload, you can watch them grey out in the list.

After after all files are uploaded, click the Next button.

You'll be moved to a series of forms - one form per file.

This is where you can add all of the metadata for your files in one shot, which is actually a pretty big time saver.

Name field = this is the name of your file as it appears in the Media Library's administrative file panel. Establishing and maintaining a smart naming convention can really assist you in the long run, especially where media updates are concerned.

Alt Text field = this appears for images and should always be addressed. The text in this field is what a screen reader uses to inform a visually impaired audience member about the content of the photo.

Title Text field = this text will appear as a tool tip when your audience hovers over a file and holds there for a second.

After your metadata is completed, click the Save button.

After all of your files upload, you'll be redirected to the file list and presented with a file upload confirmation. The most recently uploaded files will appear at the top of this list.