Linkit will provide the ability to configure different behaviors for your links.

From within a node edit form, either create a new link or edit an existing one.

Within the Linkit dialog box, click on the Options fieldset. This will open up and display a couple of options for your links.

Title field = any text that's added into this field will display as a tooltip when someone hovers on the link.

Target field = clicking on the drop-down will open a select list with four different target attributes - this will dicatate how your link opens when it's clicked

  • New Window (_blank)
    • Load in a new window/tab (most commonly used)
  • Top Window (_top)
    • Load in the full body of the window
  • Same Window (_self)
    • Load in the same frame as it was clicked
  • Parent Window (_parent)
    • Load in the parent frameset

Please note that the link target attribute is not supported in HTML5.

We'll use the New Window target for the example.

After you've made any changes, click the Insert Link button.

Click the Save button to save the node.

After the node is saved, hovering over a link with Title text will display a pop-up tool tip.

Clicking on a link that has the target set to New Window will open the link in a brand new tab.