To get in and edit your work information, click on the Edit tab on your profile, then click on the OSU Employee tab. 

This page should be pre-filled with some information from Banner. The amount of information will depend on whether you're a full-time employee, faculty, or a student. If you find inaccuracies in either your work or affiliation information, please contact your HR representative (for employees) or the Registrar's office (for students).

The OSU Employee tab contains the following fields:

Position field = your working title within your department.  (Please note, for your name to appear in the people directory, you must have some type of position entered here.)

Office Phone field = your phone where you can be reached while on the clock. Please do not put your personal phone number in here.

Alternate phone field = your alternate phone, usually a mobile/cell phone. Please do not put your personal phone number in here.

Fax Number field = a fax number, if needed.

Functional Group field = select what category of worker you are.

Affiliated With field = select the organization you're affiliated with.

Headquarters field = select where your department is headquartered.

Room Number field = the room number where your office is located.

Building field - the building where your office is located.

fields contained within the osu employee tab

After verifying or editing this information, be sure to click Save.

Click the View tab to view your updated profile.

completed osu employee tab update includes information such as position, affiliation, work address, work phone, etc