To update faculty information, from your profile, click the Edit tab and then click on the OSU Faculty button:

Credentials field = enter your degrees/diplomas, one per field. Click Add another item to create additional fields when necessary.

Curriculum Vitae file field = upload your CV or resume by clicking Choose file, selecting a file on your computer, hitting Open, and hitting Upload. Accepted file types are PDF, Microsoft Word files, and plain/rich text formats.

Education field = add any other education that you've received.

Employment field = add any other relevant places of employment.

Service field = add any service history that you may have.

Proceedings and Conference Presentations field = add any information about proceedings and conferences that you've presented at.

Professional Affiliations field = add any relevant professional affiliations.

Honors and Awards field = add any honors or awards that you've received as a faculty member.

Courses Taught field = add any information about courses that you are currently teaching.

Faculty Type field = select what type of faculty you are. If none apply, leave the selections at - None -.

Career Links field = use this field to display links to relevant professional external webpages. Examples include lab/research websites, portfolios, class listings, etc. Click Add another item to add additional fields if necessary.

Research/Career Interests field = summarize your research and/or career interests.

Click Save to complete your work.

fields contained within the osu faculty tab

When all of your updates are completed, click the Save button.

To view your updated profile, click the View tab.

completed osu employee tab update includes information such as position, affiliation, work address, work phone, etc