Let's add in some friendly information about the user. To do this, click the OSU Person tab.

Preferred Name field = enter your first and last name here, as you prefer it.

First Name field = enter your first name, or a nickname, as you prefer it

Middle Name field = enter your middle initial if you wish

Last Name field = enter your last name

Suffix field = if your name contains a suffix, such as a Jr. or a II, select it from the list if you wish

Email address field = this is an alternate email address if you wish to add one

Image field = click Choose File and select an image from your computer to upload. When you've chosen one, click the Upload button and you'll see a thumbnail preview of your picture. This image will be cropped to a square shape so ensure the subject matter is centered in the image, or the image is pre-processed to fit into a square shape.

Biography field = enter your biography. Try to keep things clean and readable. Change the Text Format to Full HTML if you plan on adding additional images into the text field.

Personal Links field = here you can easily and quickly add linked fields to things you wish to provide to your audience. Perhaps you want to display a link to your LinkedIn profile, or an eportfolio. Add the Title text in the left field (this is is what your link will attach to), then enter the URL in the field to the right. If you want to add additional links, click the Add Another Item button.

Personal Interests field = here you can add some of your personal interests, consider a brief, comma-separated or bulleted list.

fields contained within the osu person tab

After that, click Save.

Click the View tab to see your updated profile.

updated osu person tab includes information such as photo, biography, personal interests, etc

Your Biography will display in a new tab to the right of Beyond OSU. Clicking on the Biography tab will switch the tab focus.

clicking the biography tab on the profile display shows the users biography