One of the convenient features of the Book Module is the fact that it will automatically create a menu for you based on the titles of the book pages that you create.

While this is generally a nice feature to have, it has presented a challenge for those users who want to be able to change the text in the book navigation menu entry.

As a response to this issue, Web Services has added in the Book Title Override contributed module.

Let's take a look at what this does by starting with an existing page.

Inside the edit form of the page, scroll down to the Book Outline tab and click it.

Override Title checkbox = check it

The Override Title field will then appear.

Enter the desired title, then scroll down and click Save.

Comparing the title on the saved page to its corresponding title in the Book Navigation menu, we can see that the override was effective.

Additionally, if we back up to the parent page, we'll see that the overridden title also shows up in the Book Navigation Footer Links.