All OSU Drupal 7 websites and WordPress blogs come with Google Analytics already set up. Check the list of all OSU Drupal 7 sites to see if your website is one of them. If not, you'll need to contact your web administrator.

Here are the options for Google Analytics:

  1. The publicly available analytics dashboard for OSU Drupal 7 websites. You simply select your site from the drop down and are given commonly requested data.
    1. If you need help understanding some of the terms, read the web analytics guide.
  2. Request access to the university's universal Google Analytics account that is already installed on all OSU Drupal 7 sites and WordPress blogs from
    1. Your OSU Google account will be added to view the university's universal analytics account. Here's how to log in once you've been given access.
    2. You'll need to create a segment in order to narrow down the data, but it will still include data from other OSU websites.
  3. Create your own Google Analytics account and add the tracking ID to your site.
    1. This option will give you the most autonomy and control.
  4. WordPress only: enable the JetPack plugin, which will give you some basic stats on your dashboard.