Group content is any content type that is available for use within a group.  By default, in OSU Drupal 7, the following content types are available for use within a group:

Standard Content Types

  • Announcement
  • Book page
    • Book pages will be used for 99% of the structured content in an OSU Drupal 7 site.
    • When using Book page content, note the Add Child Page link in the bottom left corner of the node.  Just click it to add another book page.  It will automatically add the node to your group and nest it underneath the parent node in the menu.  Please see the Books section of this manual for more detailed information.
  • Feature Story
  • Highlight
  • Image Album
  • Video
  • Webform

Your site's Architect can assign other content types for group use, or can create custom content types for group use, if desired.  This is a somewhat involved process that requires familiarity with several different sub-systems within the Drupal environment.  For more information, please refer to the Organic Groups Configuration section of this book.

In regards to making content within a group, the general process of creating content is still the same, with one small exception:

  1. Pick a content type to work with
  2. Select the Unit or Group(s) you want the content to reside in.
  3. Fill out the remaining fields with text and/or media
  4. Click Save

There is one other consideration, when working with group based content.  The content must be assigned to a group to be visible to the public.

For specific information on working with the individual content types within OSU Drupal 7, please see the respective articles within the Features section of this manual.