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OG - Use - Make Content Private - Set Group Content Visibility to Private

1. Group Content Visibility

One of the great features in Organic Groups is the ability to create private content.

For example, say you have a bunch of training documentation that you want your new employees to go through. You want to put it on the web so they have access to it anywhere, but you don't really want to make it publicly available.

This can be done very easily with OG's Group Content Visibility setting.

Within the submission form of the content you wish to make private, just do the following:

Group Content Visibility field = Private - accessible only to group members

Click the Save button.

OG - Use - Make Content Private - Test Privacy Settings As Anonymous

2. Checking Content is Private

After the node is saved, either open a tab in Private/Incognito mode or open up a completely different browser and visit the page as an anonymous user.

You should get an Access Denied message in the new browser.

To change this, simply go back into the node and toggle the privacy settings back to public.