Clicking on the name of a group in your My OSU Groups block will take you to that group's dashboard.

Group dashboards will always have a Group Content display, provided there's content in the system that's owned by the group.

The Group Image block is available, by default, but requires an image to be provided by the group.  This little feature contains a link to the group's front page.

The Group Mission block is available by default.  It will show with some default text whereupon the text can be changed, if desired.  If a group mission display isn't desired, the text can simply be removed and a block will not show.

The Group Contact info and embedded Google Map are available fields, by default, which simply require input in the form of text and/or map embed code to activate.

The Group Social Media Icons will display as the appropriate social links are added into the dashboard by the Group Manager.

Please keep in mind that these items come as part of the standard OSU Drupal 7 distribution for groups.  There is, however, always the possibility that you may encounter a site that has some additional and/or custom group features added into it, or perhaps some of these aren't used at all.