Please note that to add a user to your group, the user must first be registered with the site.  A Site Manager or Architect must do this.

To add a user to your group, do the following:

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D7 OG - Add User - Click Dashboard in Admin Menu

1. Navigate to Group Dashboard

Go to your group dashboard by going to Admin menu > Dashboard.

D7 OG - Add User - Go to Group Dashboard

2. Locate Your Group

Click on the appropriate group link in the My OSU Groups or Group Management block.

D7 OG - Add User - Click Group Tab

3. Open Group Tab

Once on the group dashboard, click the Group tab.

D7 OG - Add User - Click Add People Link

4. Go to Add People Screen

When the group administration panel appears, click the Add people link.

D7 OG - Add User - Select User

5. Select a User

Select a user by typing their name into the User Name field, starting with their first name.

If your user's name does not show, check for the following:

  1. Are you using their correct name?
    1. They may be listed using a variation of their official name.
    2. They may be listed using a nickname.
    3. They may have been entered into the site using an old method and are listed under their ONID.
  2. Have they been added to the site?

If your user has not been added into the site, contact a Site Manager or Architect so they can add the user into the site using CAS.

D7 OG - Add User - Add Role and Click Add User

6. Give Your User a Role

To work with content, manage users, and/or view private group content, you must provide your user with a group Role.

Click the Add Users button.

D7 OG - Add User - Confirmation

7. Confirmation Message Appears

A confirmation message will appear.  Once this does, click the Group breadcrumb.

D7 OG - Add User - Click People Link

8. Go to People Screen

When the group management panel appears, click the People link.

D7 OG - Add User - Group Membership List

9. New Group Member Added to List

Your Group Member List will reflect your new additions.