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The content table on the group dashboard displays a list of all content owned by the group.

1. Reading the Content Table

The content table itself contains quite a bit of information that you can gather at a glance.

  • Published column = a linked title to each node, the publication status, and whether the content is public or private
  • Author column = the linked name of the author of the page
  • Type column = what type of content you're dealing with
  • Path column = provides you with the URL path to the content
  • Updated column = the last time the page was updated
  • Delete Link column = a delete link for each node for permitted users
a word is put into the Title field to filter on - the list of results shows below the filtering tools

2. Filter by Title

To filter by title:

  1. Enter the title name, or even a partial title into the Filter by Title field
  2. Click the Filter button
  3. A list of content that contains the words you entered displays
A type of content is selectd from the Filter by Content type drop down - the list of results shows below the filtering tools

3. Filter by Content Type

To filter by content type:

  1. Click the Filter by Content Type select field
  2. Choose a content type to filter by
  3. Click the Filter button
  4. A list of all of that content type will display
An author's name is entered into the Filter by Author tool and a list of results appears below the filtering tools.

4. Filter by Author

To filter by author name:

  1. Enter the authors name, or even a part of their name into the Filter by Author field
  2. Click the Filter button
  3. A list of content created by the specified author displays
The delete node link is clicked for a piece of content in the list.

5. Delete Node

You can delete nodes directly from the content list as well:

  1. Locate the node in question
  2. Click its corresponding Delete Node link
  3. You'll be presented with a confirmation button - click it
    • Note: when you delete something, it will be completely deleted from your Drupal site
  4. You'll be returned to the group node and a deletion confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen