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Your Group Dashboard will display a list of all of the content that belongs to your group.

Additionally, it contains several tools to help you manage your group's content.

Reading the Content Table

The content table itself contains quite a bit of information that you can gather at a glance.

In the Published column, you can find a linked title to each node, the publication status, and whether the content is public or private.

The Author column displays the linked name of the author of the page.

In the Type column, you'll find what type of content you're dealing with.

The Path column provides you with the URL path to the content.

The Updated column tells you the last time the page was updated.

The Delete Link column provides a delete link for each node for permitted users.


Filter by Title

Filter by Content Type

Filter by Author

Delete Link

What a group author sees is different than what a group manager sees.

Group Author

Group Manager

Delete A Node

To delete a node, click it's respective Delete Node link.

On the following confirmation screen, click the Delete button.

And your node will be gone when the screen refreshes.