Please note that Group Managers can only remove a user from their own group(s).  To remove a user from the site, please contact your Site Manager.

To remove a member from an Organic Group, do the following:

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D7 - OG - Manage Group - Remove User - Navigate to Member List

1. Navigate to Group

Go to your group dashboard by going to Admin menu > Dashboard.

Click on the appropriate accordion in the My OSU Groups block. (Note that this name can change depending on the group category names that your site uses.)

Click on the Members link.

D7 - OG - Manage Group - Remove User - Filter Users

2. Filter Members

To locate your member on the group list, enter the first few letters of the member's first name in the Name field. Once their name appears in the list below the field, click the appropriate name.

Click the Apply button.

Your member will then display, filtered from the rest of the other members, in the table at the bottom of the screen.

D7 - OG - Manage Group - Remove User - Click Remove Link

3. Remove Member

Click the respective Remove link in the far right column.

D7 - OG - Manage Group - Remove User - Confirm Member Removal

4. Member Removal Confirmation

You will be redirected to a confirmation screen.

Click the Remove button.

D7 - OG - Manage Group - Remove User - Member Removed

5. Member Removed

You will be redirected back to the Member List.

The system will present a message that informs you that the member was removed.