To create an Organic Group, do the following:

  1. Go to Admin menu > Content > Add content > Group (the label Group may replaced with something more meaningful such as School or Service).
  2. Select the appropriate Parent Unit.
  3. Enter the Group Name, this should be the fully spelled out name of the group.  This name will automatically appear in the page header information of this group's section of the site.
  4. Leave the Group Roles and Permissions field as is.
  5. For the Group Content Visibility setting, since this is basically a page strictly for management of the group and group-related internal business, it's defaulted to Private.  It's suggested that this setting be left as is.
  6. Replace any default text in the Body field with information about this particular group.
  7. Click the Save button.

Your group is now created.

Please note that as the creator of this group, you will automatically be the owner of the group and given the role Group Manager.  To change the ownership of this group, please see the Change Group Owner article.