To work with the authors in Biblio, go to Admin Menu > Configuration > Content Authoring > Biblio Settings > Authors.

Biblio offers a few different options for Author configuration. There are three tab sections available in the Authors section: List, Orphaned Authors, and Author Types.

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Biblio - Configuration - Authors - List

1. Author List

The list page opens by default when you click on the Authors tab along the top. It displays the number of authors in the database, every author sorted by last name, and the number of publications they have in parentheses next to their name.


  • You can click on any letter near the top (A B C ...) to show only authors whose last names start with that letter. To return to the full view either click the Back button in your browser or click the Authors tab on the top again.
  • Clicking on an author's name will bring up a list of publications by that author, and clicking on the [edit] link next to them brings up an edit page where you can modify the author's information. 
  • If you check the "Highlight possible duplicates" checkbox, it will highlight authors whose names appear in different permutations (shortened or nick-names) in various publications, and their Edit page is where you might address that. 
Biblio - Configuration - Authors - Orphaned Author Screen

2. Orphaned Authors List

Authors can become orphaned if a publication is deleted or if the author is removed from all publication nodes on the site.

The Orphaned Authors section tab provides a way to clean up orphaned authors:

  1. Click the checkboxes next to any authors you want to clean up (to select all checkboxes click the topmost checkbox and they will all automatically be filled). 
  2. Click the Delete Selected button at the top of the list. You can also click the Delete ALL button to delete all orphaned authors, regardless if their checkbox is filled or not. 
  3. A confirmation banner message will appear confirming your action:
Biblio - Configuration - Authors - Types

3. Author Types List

The Author Types section tab provides a comprehensive list of different "author types" that can be used in your Biblio publications.

  • To edit any Author Type, click on its respective edit link.
  • To delete an Author Type, click on its respective delete link.
    • Note that once deleted, an Author Type cannot be recovered or re-enabled. The Author, Secondary Author, Tertiary Author, Subsidiary Author, and Corporate Author types cannot be deleted.
  • To add a new Author Type, click the [ Add New Type ] button in the upper left. Only a title is necessary to create a new Author Type; a Description can also be added if desired.