Every Biblio field can be modified, in every publication type and in every section tab. 

The first thing to choose is the Publication Type. By default, this is set to Common, which is the preset that includes every type.

Editing fields in the Common type will change those fields in every other publication type. To edit specific types, including their names and further details, choose one from the Publication Type dropdown (example to the right), then click the Change Publication Type button and wait for the page to reload. 

From there, you can change the Publication type name in the following field and start editing individual fields. Each section tab on the left side (Abstract, Full text, Publication...) corresponds to one of the same name in the Biblio creation process.

For each field:

  • Field Name - name of the field in the database, cannot be changed.
  • Title - name of the field displayed to the user as a label. This can be changed, but you may not want to.
  • Hint - this field advises the user on what to enter into the corresponding field. In the image to the right, the hint is "Enter YYYY, Submitted or In Press":
  • Common - checking this box makes the specified field show on all publication types and adds it to the Common publication type for easier access.
  • Required - checking this box forces the user to fill it before submitting the biblio (use with caution). 
  • Autocomplete - checking this box enables AJAX-style autocomplete to help users auto-fill fields

You can also grab the handle to the left of a field name to change its display order. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page if you do change any ordering.