Keywords are categorization tools that are used for sorting and filtering content. Biblio has a very advanced keyword feature that will also seamlessly integrate with Drupal's core Taxonomy module. The following configuration options are available in Biblio's Keywords configs:

  • Keyword separator - If you would prefer to use a character other than a comma (default) to separate keywords, specify it here.
  • Automatically remove orphaned keywords - If checked, when a keyword is no longer in use it will be deleted from the website's databases.
  • Copy any selected taxonomy terms to the biblio keyword database - If a Taxonomy vocabulary is associated with the Biblio content type and a term is selected, it will automatically be copied into the Biblio keyword database.
  • Use keywords from biblio entries as taxonomy "free tags" - If checked, will auto-populate a chosen Taxonomy vocabulary with keywords in the Biblio database.
    • For the Taxonomy related features to work, you must have a Taxonomy Vocabulary built and have it associated with the Biblio content type.