Different disciplines, industries, and institutions may use different bibliographic styles. Some common examples: 

  • Modern Language Association (MLA) - Literature, arts, and the humanities
  • Council of Science Editors (CSE) - Natural sciences, chemistry, mathematics, and physics
  • Chicago - Newspapers, books, magazines, and non-scholarly publications

Also, often groups will have their own custom citation format. Biblio is capable of rendering fifteen different common citation format styles, and provides some for the node's layout and whether or not to display annotations. 

  • Text to display if no year of publication is available - This field is the text that will be displayed if no date of publication is supplied or if it is deliberately set to 9999 (default is "Submitted").
  • Text to display if year of publication is set to 9998 - This field is the text that will be displayed if the date of publication is deliberately set to 9998, by default "In Press."
  • Style - This drop-down is the master style of the /biblio list view. Here are some examples: 
  • Node Layout - This setting modifies the visual style of the full view of a Biblio publication (accessed by clicking on its title). Here is a demonstration of Tabular, Original and Bibliographic Style Chosen Above:
  • Annotations - If you would like to include annotations, select a field from while they will be displayed.

Styling Examples

Biblio - Preferences - Styling - Available Citation Styles

sample of some of the different citation styles available in biblio

Node Layout Example


Biblio - Preferences - Styling - Node Layout Tabular

tabular vs original node layout styles


Biblio - Preferences - Styling - Node Layout Original

Original biblio node layout style