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Metatag - Page Title - Initial Tab Display

1. Browser Tabs Have Metadata In Them

The text that you see in your browser tab is actually controlled by the Title meta tag.

This tag is arguably the most important meta tag that you'll have on your site as it's what tells both search engines and your visitors what the page is about.

It's the front and center text in search results and it's the material that boldly shows and anchors links to your site when your page is shared on social media.

It should be unique, clear, and descriptive of the content within the page.

Metatag - Page Title - Change Page Title Meta Tag

2. You Can Change This Metadata

When we use the Metatag module, changing the Title tag is a snap.

Look down In the Basic Settings of your Metatag tab on your edit form.

Here in this example, I'm just going to change the Page Title data to something kind of silly and obvious.

Metatag - Page Title - Tab Title Is Updated

3. Updated Tab Text

The change is immediate. Hovering on the tab shows the text that was entered into the Page Title field in the node's Metatag settings.

Metatag - Page Title - Page Title Meta Tag in Page Source

4. Title Tag In HTML Source

The Title meta tag lives in a page's HTML, up in the Head tag. You can use your browser's Developer Tools to see this for yourself.

Note: All browsers have some kind of developer/inspection tools. Do a Google search on the browser that you use to find where your developer tools are.