Walks an OSU Drupal 7 user, step-by-step, through how to configure the Organic Groups fields on the Group content type.

The two fields that we've added can use some help, configuration-wise. Let's get in and configure them.

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D7 - Working with Config - OG Config - Configure Groups Audience Field

1. Configure Groups Audience Field

Click on the Groups Audience field's edit link.

  1. Label field = Unit or Group.
    • Because Groups Audience makes no sense to our users.
  2. Administrator widget type field = Select List.
    • This will provide a drop-down menu to site admins who may not be members of a given group, but who might still assign content to a group.
    • The auto-complete field that is there out-of-the-box is fine if the admin knows the names of all the groups - otherwise, a select list should really be used.
  3. Number of Values field = 1.
    • For dynamic content that could possibly have several groups involved with it, you can change this to another number or Unlimited.
  4. Render Views filters as select lists checkbox = check this.
    • This provides data to the Views module for this node type that Views then uses to create select list filters.
  5. Click the Save Settings button.
D7 - Working with Config - OG Config - Configure Group Content Visibility Field

2. Configure Group Content Visibility Field

  1. Click the Group content visibility field's edit link.
  2. Group content visibility field = Public, accessible to all users.
    • This merely sets the default, it can be changed to private on individual nodes if the content needs to be visible to group members only.
  3. Click the Save Settings button.
D7 - Working with Config - OG Config - Reposition Group Fields

3. Position Group Fields

Also, to help our users out, we've moved both of these fields to the top of the node submission form, so they're not missed when our users create their content.

This process needs to be repeated on every single content type that a group is allowed to work with.

The next thing to do is to adjust the display of the fields.