The General Organic Group settings should be applied immediately after the roles are declared, as there are some things here that need to be completed before you configure any content types for OG.

  1. Go to Admin menu > Site configuration > Organic groups > Settings
  2. Group manager full permissions checkbox = checked
  3. Strict node access permissions checkbox = unchecked
    1. If this is checked, it will prevent all global roles from having access to the group's content - might be a great idea for a private enterprise site, but not a great one for us, as we have to get in and manage hundreds of sites in our environment
  4. Roles in Node listbox = Group Manager
  5. Prevent "Features" export piping checkbox = unchecked
    1. This will remove the OG settings if you want to export a node type without OG configs via the Features module
  6. Use queue checkbox = unchecked
  7. Click the Save configuration button

The general settings will now be complete.  Now it's time to set up that Group node.