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Your OSU Drupal 7 site actually has OSU's Google Analytics tracking baked right into the theme. Site architects are welcome to contact University Marketing regarding a GA profile for their specific site.

This profile will, typically, provide everything that most users will need in terms of data. There are a few cases, however, that may require a more customized approach. For this, we provide the Google Analytics contributed module.

The Google Analytics contributed module adds the ability to fine tune things such as:

  • What type of links are tracked (downloads, outgoing and mailto)
  • What files are downloaded from your pages
  • Access denied (403) and Page not found (404) tracking
  • ...and quite a bit more

The only downside regarding use of the Google Analytics module is that it requires the user to have an individual Google Analytics account, which also requires that the user have a separate Google account. How this is handled is up to whoever is in charge of the site, but it's strongly suggested that this account is one that multiple people can have access to. In other words, NOT your OSU G Suite account. Providing people with your ONID username and password to log in to your OSU G Suite account is actually a violation of OSU's Acceptable Use Policy Section 5.1.4 c. Instructions for creating a new Google Analytics account are provided below.

To get started, submit a Help Ticket to Web Services and make a request to have the Google Analytics module enabled.