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    A downside regarding use of the Google Tag Manager module is that it requires the user to have an individual Google Tag Manager account, which also requires that the user have a separate Google account. How this is handled is up to whoever is in charge of the site, but it's strongly suggested that this account is one that multiple people can have access to. In other words, NOT your OSU G Suite account. Providing people with your ONID username and password to log in to your OSU G Suite account is actually a violation of OSU's Acceptable Use Policy Section 5.1.4 c. Instructions for creating a new Google Tag Manager account are provided below.

    As you're getting started, submit a Help Ticket to Web Services and make a request to have the Google Tag Manager module enabled so you can configure your site after you have the account initiated.


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    Google Tag Manager - Go to Google Tag Manager

    1. Go to Google Tag Manager

    Go to Google Tag Manager at

    Google Tag Manager - Add Account Name and Toggle Visibility Setting

    2. Add an Account Name

    Account Name field = add an account name.

    Share Data Anonymously with Google and Others checkbox = check, if desired.

    Click the Continue button.

    Google Tag Manager - Set Up Container

    3. Setup Container

    Container Name field = enter a container name. We're using a container for a web site so it makes sense to use the URL.

    Where to Use the Container options = select an option. In the example, we select Web.

    Click the Create button.

    Google Tag Manager - Accept Google Terms of Service

    4. Agree to Google's Terms of Service

    A Terms of Service Agreement will appear. To advance, you must click the Yes button.

    Google Tag Manager - Google Tag Manager ID in Code

    5. Copy Google Tag Manager ID

    A dialog box will appear with code in it.

    All we really need is the Google Tag Manager ID number, which is prefixed by the letters GTM. Copy this ID number, within its quotation marks (do not copy the quote marks).

    Click the OK button.

    Google Tag Manager - Google Tag Manager ID in Upper Right Corner

    6. Google Tag Manager ID Location

    For future reference, the Google Tag Manager ID will appear in the upper right corner of the Tag Manager dashboard.

    Now that you have the Google Tag Manager ID, it's time to configure Google Tag Manager in your OSU Drupal site.