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Pathauto - URL Path Pattern Configuration - Patterns Tab Top

1. Navigate to Patterns

Go to Admin Menu > Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL Aliases > Patterns tab.

This screen contains fields to set the automatically generated path pattern for every single entity type in the site.

Pathauto - URL Path Pattern Configuration - Patterns Tab - Default Content Path

2. Using Tokens in Paths

Pathauto makes heavy use of the Token module to dynamically build out preconfigured paths.

Our example site is set up so that, by default, when a node is saved, the path will automatically be created with the content type first, followed by a slash and title of the node.

Ex: feature-story/new-story

This pattern is easy to override. If you want a particular content type to have a different path pattern than the default, just enter the pattern you want into the respective field.

In the example, we've set up the Basic Page content type so that it just uses the title of the node as its path.