Have you ever visited a website and noticed event or other public announcement information that is outdated?  Perhaps very outdated?

The OSU Drupal answer to this common issue is the Announcement module, which provides the Announcement content type and Announcement block functionality.

Announcement content only shows for a certain period of time, as designated by the content contributor.  This means you can enter an announcement on Monday, tell it to show on Wednesday, and have it expire automatically the following Friday when the information is no longer relevant.

The expiration date does not delete the announcement from the system.  Instead, the expired announcement is simply not displayed.  This means you can reuse the content in the future if you need to, simply by resetting the publication and expiration dates.

The Announcement content type is intended to work with either the Announcement: Small List block or the Announcement: Summary block - a couple of handy tools that can be turned on and placed in a region of your choice, like on a sidebar or in the footer.