A content type (or "node type") is simply a data submission form.  Content types are used to categorize groups of content that have similar elements, or are expected to perform in a particular fashion on a dynamic website.

Out of the box, Drupal comes with two standard content types: Article and Basic Page. Different modules that are added to Drupal may provide their own content types, and a permitted user can also create custom ones as well. The content types that you will find in OSU Drupal 7 are as follows:

  • Article
  • Basic page
  • Biblio
  • Book page
  • Feature Story
  • Feed
  • Highlight
  • Video
  • Webform

We'll discuss the Article and Basic Page content types in this section as an overview.  The other content types you see in the list are actually parts of features or modules that we've included in the OSU Drupal 7 distribution and will be covered in their relative sections within this book.