If your Drupal site will include lists of publications, such as books, faculty research papers, theses, or dissertations, the Bibliography module is for you.

Bibliography provides users with thirty-seven different publication templates.  These templates cover traditional print media forms such as books, journal articles, and white papers but they also include additional media forms such as web publications and recordings.

Content contributors have the ability to either enter bibliographic information manually or via several different common automatic import and look-up methods. Bulk imports are possible.

Biblio's citation format is extremely flexible. Biblio can display citations in fifteen different well-known formats including (but not limited to) AMA, APA, Chicago, and MLA. By default APA format is used, but this can be easily changed to suit each site, as demonstrated below.

If that's not enough, Biblio will also help keep track of your authors and keywords in easy to locate lists.  It even supplies some simple filtering and sorting tools so you can find exactly what, or who, you want.