A Crossref Query Services Account is a free account that registers the user with Crossref. Having an account here is required if you want to be able to import DOI content into Biblio.

To set up an account, just do the following:

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Biblio - Configure - Preferences - Crossref - Request Crossref Query Services Account

1. Register with Crossref

Go to the Crossref Query Services Account Request Form.

Email field = enter your email

Organization field = enter the organization you represent

Terms and Conditions field = read this and check the corresponding checkbox

reCAPTCHA field = enter the text from the reCAPTCHA images

Click the Submit button

Biblio - Configure - Preferences - Crossref - Account Confirmation

2. Registration Confirmation

A confirmation screen will appear.

This is kind of misleading - one would probably be expecting some kind of code or key, but nothing is delivered.

Ultimately, what you will use for your Crossref validation is the email address you provided during registration.

Biblio - Configure - Preferences - Crossref - Click Crossref Main Website Link

3. Completed Registration

Click the Back to the main Crossref website link at the top of the screen.

Biblio - Configure - Preferences - Crossref - Crossref Home Page

4. Ready to Start Searching

Once you've landed on the Crossref home page, you can start searching by using the search box provided at the top of the screen.