Biblio's Journal Article publication type contains fields suited to this type of publication.

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Biblio - Create Journal Article Type - Select Type

1. Create Biblio Journal Article Publication Type

To begin, go to Admin menu > Content > Add Content > Biblio.

Once the page loads, from the Publication Type drop-down, select Journal Article. Notice that there is also a Journal type - try not to get these mixed up. If it does not automatically redirect you, click Next.

Biblio - Create Journal Article Type - Add Title and Authors

2. Add Title and Authors

On this next page, enter the Title of the journal article, and a bit lower, enter the Author(s). Many authoring options are available, including editors and corporate authors.

Biblio - Create Journal Article Type - Add Publication Info

3. Add Publication Information

Click the Publication tab to the left, and fill out as much information as you have/can. 

Biblio - Create Journal Article Type - Add Keywords

4. Add Keywords

Keywords are another field we really like to have, because they help categorize and filter articles by subject and type.

You can choose to fill out other fields in other tabs, if you wish.

When you're done scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

Biblio - Create Journal Article Type - Completed

5. Completed Journal Article Publication Type

When you've saved, you will be presented with a nicely formatted table of information about this particular article. Clicking on the Author link will list all publications by that author, and clicking on Keyword links will list all publications on the site that contain that keyword. There are also links below the table to search Google Scholar for the article and to view the information in a variety of popular formats.