Perhaps you would like to have a subset of Biblio from the collection, such as all of the Biblio from a particular author, or perhaps all of a certain type of publication.

This is easily done by using Biblio's built in filter tools.

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Biblio - Export Filtered List - Use Filter Tools to Filter List

1. Filter Biblio List By Author

From the Biblio list, click on the Author link. This will produce a list with an Alphabar at the top.

Click on the first letter of your author's name.

Locate your author in the result set and click on their name.

Biblio - Export Filtered List - Filtered List

2. Filtered List

You should now see a list of Biblio entries where all of them have that particular author present in the citation.

To export this into a file, follow the export instructions in the Export Biblio article.