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Biblio - Import - Bulk Import File

1. Create Batch File

There are different types of batch files that we can create. For this example, we're using an RIS file type. The RIS file type must have the .ris extension at the end of it.

Biblio - Import Batch - Import Control Panel

2. Go to Data Import Panel

Once you have a batch file downloaded or created, importing it into Biblio is a snap. Go to Admin menu > Configuration > Content authoring > Biblio settings > Data import.

Biblio - Import Batch - Upload RIS File

3. Upload RIS File

Choose your file in the Import File field, select the appropriate File Type, leave the Batch Process box checked, and, if your Biblio all belong to one user and that user is a member of the site, select that user's name from the Set User ID field (put your user as the owner of the Biblio content, otherwise just use your own ID).  When you're ready, click the Import button.

Biblio - Import Batch - Completed Batch Upload

4. Completed Batch Upload

A progress bar will appear while the file is processing.  When finished, you'll get a green confirmation message.

If your Biblio author is a member of your site, you should relate the Biblio to the author by following the instructions in our Relate an Author to Biblio Content article.