To view Biblio's author list, go to Admin menu > Configuration > Content authoring > Biblio settings > Authors.  Here you'll be presented with a list of all of the authors that are referenced in all of the Biblio content within your site.  This will include authors outside of Oregon State University as well, if they're referenced in the document.

To relate an author to corresponding Biblio, do the following:

Click on an image to make it bigger.
Biblio - Authors - Click Edit Author Link

1. Click Edit Author Link

Click on the Edit link next to the author's name.

Biblio - Authors - Select Author to Relate To

2. Select Author to Relate

From the Drupal User ID drop down, select your author's name.  (Please note, if your author's name doesn't appear in list, then this person is not a registered member of your site.  To add a user, please refer to our Add CAS User article.)  After your selection is made, click the Save button.

You won't see an obvious benefit to relating your author directly on the author management screen.  Setting a relationship, however, is how we can match your member to his or her publications, which allows us to do things such as displaying related publications on your member's profile.