Before creating the highlight, you'll need to consider whether you want to include an image in it.  If you do, you'll want to have the image ready and on hand before you start.  Please note that, for best results, the image should be at least 350 pixels wide.

This tutorial assumes that you will want to add an image linked to a resource.

Once you have any necessary media gathered, to create Highlight content just do the following:

Click on an image to make it bigger.
Features - Highlight - Add Title

1. Initiate Highlight Form

Go to Admin menu > Content > Add content > Highlight.

Once the submission form opens:

Title field = Enter a title of your choice.  Your audience will not see this title, but you will administratively, so make sure it makes sense to you.

Features - Highlight - Add Image

2. Add Image

Upload your highlight image from your computer to your Drupal site.

Once your image is uploaded a small thumbnail will appear.

Features - Highlight - Add Link

3. Add Link

Link fields = The Title field is for the link title.  The URL field is where the web address is entered.

Highlight Summary field = Enter a summary description of the highlight, if desired.  Keep this brief, as there is a 200 character limit.

Highlight Weight field = for the purpose of this tutorial, ignore this field.

Click the Save button.

completed highlight

4. Completed Highlight Node

Your highlight node will then appear.  This is not the end of our process, though.  Our audience won't even see this, in fact.

Features - Highlight - Highlight Shows in Block

5. Test Highlight Block

Go to your home page by clicking on the site title. Once on your home page, search your screen for the Highlights block.

Clicking on the image will take you to wherever you set your link to.