Before you begin...

The Video Carousel feature uses video content from third parties.  What this means is that you need to locate a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or OSU Kaltura and copy its embed code.

Here's how you get embed code from YouTube - both Vimeo and OSU Kaltura use similar methods.

Once you've located the video you want, look beneath the video and click on the Share tab.  This will open an expandable fieldset with more options inside.

Click the Embed tab.  This will open a window with embed code inside of it.

Copy the embed code to your clipboard.

Now you're ready to add the video to your Drupal site.

Create a Video Node

Once in your Drupal site, go to Admin menu > Content > Add content > Video.

Title field = enter the title of the video

Body field = add a brief description of the video.

Now it's time to add the embed URL...

Scroll down to the Video field and click the Browse button.

A dialog box will pop up.  Click the Web tab.

Paste your embed code into the File URL or Media Resource field.

Click the Next button.

Now, just scroll down to the bottom of the edit form and click the Save button.

Your new video node will then appear.

Normally we wouldn't tie this to any menu, because the video will automatically appear inside of whichever video block is enabled.

In this case, we have a 3 Column Video Block enabled on the top page.

The layout doesn't look real great, however, because the data is inconsistent - only one of the three videos has summary text, so the layout is kind of jagged.

The best fix for this is to either add text to the previous videos or remove the text from the newest one.

We'll remove the text from our most recent video.

Now we have a nice, consistent display.

Your audience can then click on their video choice and view the video right there in a colorbox.

Features - Video Carousel - Colorbox Display