Sometimes a web page can contain a lot of material that makes the page size very large. This can take a lot time for devices, especially smart phones, to download. To help improve performance, we aggressively cache our web pages.

Caches are used all throughout technology: smart phones, web browsers, database servers, your computer...all of these devices use some type of caching to help speed things up.

Unfortunately, when we cache things, updates don't show immediately. If you've made a change to your web page and it's not showing to anonymous users, you may need to flush your cache.

Follow the instructions below to learn how.

Click on an image to make it bigger.
hovering on toolbar button to open up admin menu tools

1. Select Flush Cache from Admin Menu

Hover on the little house icon in the upper left corner of your Administration menu.

A menu will appear.

Click on Flush all Caches.

D7 - Flush Caches - Successfully Flushed Caches Message

2. Confirmation Message Appears After Caches are Flushed

After the caches have been successfully flushed, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen.

Please Note: It may take up to 60 seconds for your content to update after flushing the cache.

Please Note: If you do not flush the cache yourself, the system will automatically flush it when the next automated refresh cycle arrives. Typically this is about every 15 minutes.