Before you begin...

You'll need to have a WordPress blog. Web Services provides as a free service to the OSU community, but any WordPress blog can be used in OSU Live Feeds.

You won't need a feed URL for the blog feed type. What you will need, for sites, is the blog path, which appears up in the URL.

In this sample, the blog path is osucws (use all lowercase letters).


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OSU Live Feeds - OSU WordPress - Select WordPress Feed Type

1. Create a WordPress Live Feed

From within your Drupal site, go to Admin menu > Content > Add Content > Feed.

Type of Feed field = OSU WordPress

Note that after you select feed type, all of the following fields will autofill, as shown below.

OSU Live Feeds - OSU WordPress - Update Block Title and URL Fields

2. Change Data

Block Title field - change this to something more closely related to the feed you've chosen.

URL of Your Feed field - this will be auto-filled with an example URL. Insert your blog path into the URL so that it is between the edu and the feed parts of the URL - for example, the default feed is To display the OSU blogsite OSU CWS, we would make the URL look like

Number of Items to Display field = 5 is the default - change this number, if desired.

Click Save to complete the process.

OSU Live Feeds - OSU WordPress - Completed WordPress Feed

3. Completed WordPress Feed

The completed WordPress Feed is not what your audience will see.

OSU Live Feeds - OSU WordPress - Block Enabled on Top Page

4. WordPress Feed in Block

This will also create a corresponding block. For more information about blocks, please see our Blocks technical articles.