Before you begin...

You'll need to have an OSU News and Research Communications feed.

To locate one, go to

Here you'll find a list of news items and a set of filter tools. Open the Category filter tool by clicking on it, so you can see the feed items that are available.

We'll use the Campus Life category for our example.

The format of the feed URL that you're going to want will be:

Note that how for categories that contain more than one word, a hyphen is used to separate the words.

Here's what the feed looks like for this particular category on this day:

Please note that feeds appear differently in different browsers. What is shown in the example is how a feed in Firefox appears.


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OSU Live Feeds - OSU News - Select OSU News Feed Type

1. Create a News Live Feed

From within your Drupal site, go to Admin menu > Content > Add Content > Feed.

Type of Feed field = OSU News

Note that after you select feed type, all of the following fields will autofill, as shown below.

OSU Live Feeds - Change OSU Live Feeds - OSU News - Change Block Title and Append URL FieldBlock Title and Append URL Field

2. Change Data

Block Title field - change this to something more closely related to the feed you've chosen.

URL of Your Feed field - this will be auto-filled with the appropriate base URL for OSU's University News and Communications feeds. Just add the category to the end of the URL.

Number of Items to Display field = 5 is the default - change this number, if desired.

Click Save to complete the process.

OSU Live Feeds - OSU News - Completed Feed Type

3. Completed Feed Node

The completed News Feed will appear. This isn't what the audience will see, however.

OSU Live Feeds - OSU News - Block Placed on Top Page

4. News Feed Block

This will also create a corresponding block. For information regarding working with blocks, please see our Blocks technical articles.