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D7 - Working With Content - Locations - Navigate to Department

1. Navigate to Departments

Go to Admin Menu > Content > Departments > Add Department.

D7 - Working With Content - Locations - Add New Department

2. Add a new Department

Once on the Add Department screen:

Title text field = enter the official name of the department.

Preferred Name text field = enter the common name of the department. If it's the same as the the Title text, just add the same name in.

Description text area field = add an optional description of the department.

Location Room Number text field = enter the room number of your location.

Location Building select field = start typing the name of the building that houses the department. Once the appropriate name appears in the autocomplete list, click it.

Click the Save button.

D7 - Working With Content - Locations - Department Added

3. New Department Created

The new department will appear.