Click on an image to make it bigger.
Media Module - Browser - My Files Tab

1. Access My Files Tab and Select File

The My Files tab provides a thumbnail display of all of the files that you own on the site. It works very similarly to how the Library tab works.

Click into the text editor.

Click the Media button in the toolbar.

Click the My Files tab. This will display a thumbnail view of all of your files in the Media Library.

You can filter on quite a few different properties.

Here in the example, we're filtering based on the file name. Enter part of the file name and then click the Apply button.

A filtered list of results will appear.

Select the file you want to use by clicking on it.

Click the Submit button.

Media Module - Browser - My Files Tab - Adjust Display Settings

2. Adjust Display Settings

You'll be moved to the display settings screen.

Display As field = select the desired display (Original is shown in the example).

Alignment field = select the desired alignment (Center is shown in the example).

Alt Text field = if you don't have any alternative text here, you should.

Title Text field = enter some optional text to be used as a tooltip, if desired.

Link Image field = if you would like to link this image to something, enter the full URL here.

Click the Submit button.

Note that your image will not appear centered in the text editor. It will appear centered in the saved node, however.

Media Module - Browser - My Files Tab - Completed Embed

3. Completed Embed

Once the node is saved, if you've attached a link to your image, test it out.