Before You Begin...

The Web tab is used for the embed URLs or embed code of third party media providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, or OSU Kaltura.

Below we use a YouTube embed URL as an example.

Fetch the embed URL from YouTube.

Click on an image to make it bigger.
Media Module - Browser - Web Tab - YouTube URL in Field

1. Add Video Embed URL

Click into the text editor.

Click the Media toolbar button to open the Media Browser.

Click the Web tab.

File URL or Media Resource field = paste the embed URL in.

Click the Next button.

Media Module - Browser - Web Tab - Name Autofills from YouTube

2. Add Metadata

A new screen will appear with fields for the metadata of the asset.

Name field = this will autofill, but can be changed if desired.

Description field = enter any descriptive/summary text that you wish to add here.

Click the Save button.

Media Module - Browser - Web Tab - Adjust Settings

3. Adjust Display Settings

A screen with display options will appear.

Display As field = Original (Suggested if you want to see an actual video player - currently, the thumbnail here will look weird no matter which view mode you select.)

Alignment field = pick the alignment desired - Center is used in the example.

Click the Submit button.

Media Module - Browser - Web Tab - Video Embed Looks Weird

4. Video Embedded

You'll probably be disappointed when you see this in the text editor. Don't give up hope, though.

Click the Save button.

Media Module - Browser - Web Tab - Completed Video Embed

5. Completed Video Embed

On the actual node view, you'll see that the video player shows properly, as well as the alignment.