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Find the location on the page where you want your anchor to be.

Click on the Flag icon in the CKEditor toolbar. This will open a dialog box.

Anchor Name field = enter the text you want to use as an anchor - use all small alpha-numeric characters and use dashes where you would normally use spaces.

Click the OK button to close the dialog.

Highlight the text you want to use as the link to the anchor.

Click on the Linkit icon, the chain with the plus sign on it.

Enter the page title in the Search for content field, then click on the page name when it comes up.

Clicking on the page name will automatically enter the URL of the page into the Link URL field. Add the following to the end of the URL: /#your-anchor-name. (Replace the words 'your-anchor-name' with what you actually use for your anchor.)

Click the Insert Link button.

Click the Save button to save your page.