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Linkit - Internal Link - User Link - Select Text

1. Creating a Link to a Drupal User

To create a link to a user within a Drupal site, edit a node and do the following:

Add your text into the text editor.

Select the text you want to use for your link.

Click the Linkit toolbar button.

Linkit - Internal Link - User Link - Search User Name

2. Searching for Drupal Site Users

The Linkit dialog box will open.

Search for Content field = start typing the name of the user you wish to link to - give the system time to run its query.

Once the list of results appears, select the appropriate user. Note how the results are categorized based on entity/bundle type.

Linkit - Internal Link - User Link - User Path Added

3. Autofill URL and Insertion

Once your selection is made, the appropriate path will autofill as a relative link in the Link URL field.

Click the Insert Link button.

Linkit - Internal Link - User Link - User Link Created

4. Saving the Link

Your link will now appear. Please note that the link will not be active until you save the node.