Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT)

One of the most regularly requested text editor features that we've had has been for a reliable spellchecker.  CKEditor offers two methods, a manual method that you can use to check after your content is all written or Spell Check As You Type, or SCAYT.

To activate SCAYT, hover over the spellchecker button and select Enable SCAYT.

That's all.

Now, when you produce a misspelled word, SCAYT will let you know with a little red squiggle underneath the word.


LinkIt quickly became a favorite feature when we introduced it with TinyMCE in our initial OSU Drupal 7 package.  We were really happy to see that it's available for CKEditor as well.

It still works the same way.  Select the text/object you wish to link, and then click the LinkIt button.

The LinkIt dialog box will then open and provide you with options to create an internal link to another node, a file, or an external link.

Special Characters

The Special Characters button provides you with a list of symbols.  To use this, click on the Special Characters button.

A dialog box will open.  From there, select the character you wish to show and press your Enter key.

The dialog box will close and you'll see the symbol in your text editor.


Another interesting feature in CKEditor is the Autoheight feature.  As you type in the text editor and reach the bottom of the pane, the editor will automatically grow so you don't have to scroll.

There are additional features that CKEditor brings to the table. We encourage you to get in and play with them!