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Using Paragraphs - 2 Column - Add Content

1. Add Content

Add a new content submission form.

Title field = add a title

Using Paragraphs - 2 Column - Select Paragraph Type

2. Select Paragraph Type

Paragraph Type field = select 2 Column

Click the Add New Paragraph button

Using Paragraphs - 2 Column - Open Paragraph

3. Open Paragraph Fieldset

A paragraph bundle appears.

Click on the 2 Column Paragraph fieldset title to open it.

Using Paragraphs - 2 Column - Add Media

4. Add Media

Here is where there is a lot of room for improvisation

In both the Left and Right Content areas, you can insert text and links

In the Left and Right Background fields, you can upload images or add them from the Media Library

If you happen to add text into a column that also has an image, the text will appear over the image as Hero Text

After all the desired media has been added, you can then use the Styles options to choose a background color behind any text only fields. The current options are black and orange

When you're finished, click the Save button

Using Paragraphs - 2 Column - Completed

5. Completed

The completed 2 Column paragraph will display

Using Paragraphs - 2 Column - Edit Background Color

6. Edit Background Color

One of the really neat things about the 2 Column paragraph is the ability to quickly and easily change things

If you decide you don't want the black background anymore, just go in and change it to the orange option

A Heading 3 has also been applied to the Hero Text in the sample image

Using Paragraphs - 2 Column - Hero Text Removed

7. Remove Hero Text

Furthermore, we can completely remove the Hero Text, if desired.

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