Images aren't required for this paragraph type but can be included. If images are used, the media, as it relates to layout, should be given some thought and preparation.

For example, if you want to include images at the top of all of the columns, and if you want all of them to be equally sized, you'll want to make sure that your images all have the same dimensions.

Click on an image to make it bigger.
Using Paragraphs - 3 Column - Add Content

1. Add Content

Add a new content submission form.

Title field = add a title

Using Paragraphs - 3 Column - Select 3 Column Paragraph Type

2. Select Paragraph Type

Paragraph Type field = select 3 Column

Click the Add New Paragraph button

Using Paragraphs - 3 Column - Open Paragraph Fieldset

3. Open Paragraph Fieldset

A paragraph bundle appears.

Click on the 3 Column Paragraph fieldset title to open it.

Using Paragraphs - 3 Column - Add 3 Column Media

4. Add Text and Media

There is a lot of room for innovation here

In all three fields, Left Content, Right Content, and Center Content, you can insert and combination of text, links, and images that are uploaded or added from the Media Library

When you're finished, click the Save button

Using Paragraphs - 3 Column - Completed

5. Completed

The completed 3 Column paragraph will display

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