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Using Paragraphs - Divider - Select Divider Paragraph Type

1. Add Content

From within the edit form of a node that utilizes Paragraphs, scroll down to the Paragraph Type field.

Paragraph Type field = Divider

Click the Add New Paragraph button.

Using Paragraphs - Divider - Click Divider Options Fieldset

2. Open Divider Options Fieldset

Click the Divider Options link to open the fieldset.

Using Paragraphs - Divider - Select Divider Size

3. Apply Divider Size

Divider Size field = Small, Medium, or Large (Large used in the example)

Using Paragraphs - Divider - Select Divider Color

4. Apply Divider Color

Divider Color field = White, Orange, Black, Gray, Blue, Green, Yellow (Orange used in the example)

Using Paragraphs - Divider - Add Additional Divider

5. Add Additional Divider

Additional Divider field = None, Horizontal Line (Horizontal Line used in example)

Click the Save button.

Using Paragraphs - Divider - Large Divider Added

6. Completed Large Divider Added

The completed Divider paragraph displays.

For this completed Divider paragraph, note how the Additional Divider is a simple horizontal line centered inside of the large divider.

Using Paragraphs - Divider - Multiple Different Dividers Added

7. Different Divider Options

Multiple combinations of divider styles and colors can be added.

Please note: Both green and yellow divider options have been provided. Please refer to the Oregon State University Brand Guidelines Colors Guide when working with these colors.